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Nauvari Saree is a nine yard long saree. Nauvari Saree is also known as Kasta or Lugada. Nauvari Saree is draped in a such a way that it looks like a trouser dress. Nauvari Saree is commonly available in cotton but now a days it's available in Silk because of which it looks very royal.

The Nauvari saree has a global appeal to it. Designers like Julie Bendkhale of Zuilee, Vaishali Shandangule, Nachiket Barve have made strong fashion statements for India on the ramp and their work is strongly influenced by the culture and traditional costumes of the country, including the exquisite and unique Nauvari saree.

For the tourists it is a must have souvenir from the country. Several Indian actresses have adorned this nauvari saree at international events and have acclaimed applauds.